“I cannot endorse Florence enough, she has been a remarkable force, inspiration and source of support in my health journey. I have known Florence all my life (she's my big sister), and I can say from my personal experience - she is one of the best at what she does. Despite my personal struggles with my health and weight for decades, I avoided talking to Florence about it because I was afraid. I knew I had to make changes, and I knew it would be hard. But when the time came, and I finally decided to live for myself and learn how to live a rich and healthy life, Florence was the first person I turned to. And I am so glad I did! Florence patiently and expertly guided me, taught me, and encouraged me through my journey. Honestly, without her I would still be languishing in my former unhealthy habits. If you are ready to live a full and healthy life, if you want an expert that will passionately guide and support you in your journey, then look no further than Florence. I am living proof that she is truly all that's been advertised and more!”
— Esther A
“Wow! I have no idea where to begin. I thought I knew so much about nutrition, yet to my dismay, I was not as educated as I thought I was. Working with Florence has been a pleasure! When I initially booked her, I let her know the fitness goals I wanted to accomplish, what I wanted to learn about nutrition, and different foods I could eat because I was simply tired of eating the same foods all for the sake of being healthy! She truly took care of business. Here's what I learned: how to accurately read & understand nutrition labels, the importance of how too much/too little carbs, sodium, cholesterol, fats, etc. impacts the body, and how the body breaks down food. That's just to name a few. I was given a strict eating regimen to follow because I wanted to make a lifestyle out of clean eating. In only a month, I lost an inch off of my waist; I couldn't be happier! I noticed that I started to feel more energetic throughout the day. Now that I've found such an amazing dietitian, I am never turning back! I never really understood how the food you eat can significantly affect your day to day life until booking Florence. Since I am extremely satisfied with my results in such a brief timeframe, I can honestly say she is amazing at what she does. I look forward to continue to work with Florence; I cannot wait to see what I'll look like in six months. I'm so grateful for her services. If you're thinking about booking, GO FOR IT! You won't regret it!”
— Blessing S
“I have been working with Florence for over seven years. She is engaging and very familiar with all of my needs, particularly for my lifestyle and body type. It’s always a pleasure to sit down and meet with her because  she gives you her undivided attention during your consultations and appointments.  I plan to continue with her as my nutritionist for the duration.  I’m really grateful that she is so well-versed in nutritional insights.  For me, nutrition is not just about weight loss but ensuring my body is properly fueled for my activities!  Florence constantly researches and keeps abreast all the latest information and tailors it to provide fantastic service to her clients!” #clientforlife
— Tamara A
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